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Dec. 14th, 2014 | 02:28 am

  • Sun, 04:16: *breathes deeply, centering* *shreds own clothing* YES, IT IS TIME ONCE MORE TO WATCH KRULL. IT IS ALWAYS TIME TO WATCH KRULL. *sighs*
  • Sun, 04:18: I wish the Beast had fucked the princess and she decided to marry it instead. Riss agrees. Ask him.
  • Sun, 04:19: Or, as the Beast is an alien, it could marry the prince too. And they would all live happily ever after in its erotic horrorshow meat castle
  • Sun, 04:20: Is Krull fanfiction a thing? Because I should write this. It would be better than the original story.
  • Sun, 04:22: More organic architecture despoiling virgin royalty? Always and ever a good thing. A house is not a home until IT comes inside YOU, some say
  • Sun, 04:25: I should insist on watching Tetsuo: The Iron Man to cleanse my palate. Now THAT approaches the right amount of erotic monstrousness.
  • Sun, 04:26: Anyway, back into the breach I go. Think of me fondly, weirdfolk~ :_(
  • Sun, 04:35: "The enemy is animated by squealing brain squid!" "THEY'VE COME FOR 90% OF OUR WOMEN AND 10% OF OUR MEN! GIRD THY LOINS AND PRAY!!" #krullLT
  • Sun, 04:44: More midgets groping princes on horseback, yes, more of that please. #krullLT
  • Sun, 04:53: Oh, if only they weren't faking that single-tail technique. *sigh* :/ Handsome artificial rocks, though. #krullLT
  • Sun, 05:06: The prince's beard always looks so soft and fluffy. He should polish my boots with it. I would not complain a bit. #krullLT
  • Sun, 05:11: "What kind of boy are you? Boys always have candy." Actually, I don't think I can improve this line. Fine work there. ^.^ #krullLT
  • Sun, 05:28: So much wasted cross-species romantic potential in this movie. Tsk tsk tsk. :_( #krullLT
  • Sun, 05:29: He was trying to hug you inside his vast, pearlescent orifice, silly girl! That how Beasts show people the truth of their love! #krullLT
  • Sun, 05:31: *shakes fist at the television* YOU DAMN CISHET KIDS AND YOUR SAME-SPECIES LOVE STORIES BEST GET OFF MY LAWN!! *grumpy pruneface* #krullLT
  • Sun, 05:55: Hello, Beast? I have contacts who can secure that mortal tail for you. In exchange, I want your castle as my sex slave. *_* #krullLT
  • Sun, 05:56: ...Clearly I've been deprived of living buildings for far too long. I used to always have them around. I should work on that.
  • Sun, 06:00: KRULL, or The Story of One Woman's Horrible Taste in Life Partners. YOU ARE MAKING A TERRIBLE MISTAKE, WOMAN. *frustrated tears* #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:04: *sigh* Clearly the Beast and I need to get together for drinks and weep into our beers over our respective unrequited loves. #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:04: Poor thing. Yes, shapeshifting into the one they want instead never seems to help. Some hearts are just too stubborn.
  • Sun, 06:10: Oh, that nice lady has a devoted giant spider girlfriend. Yet another happy relationship homewreck'd for the normals. :P #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:12: Oh, madame... The love of mortal men is fleeting. The love of monsters is forever. Do not dump the giant spider. :( #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:40: I actually do love how artificial all the constructed scenery is in this film. So fierce and strange. Better than real life. #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:47: Hm. That enormous indoor waterfall must be representative of the Beast's eager vaginal structures. What a catch, alas! #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:49: Oh dear, the Beast's crack is gaping wide to swallow our heroes! Oh dear! Oh my! How awful~! 83 #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:52: "Throw us a rope!" they cry from deep within the Beast's crack! Its anatomy defeats even the most intrepid spelunker! Such horror!! #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:53: Oh, a tiger! ^____^ Fine choice, indeed! #krullLT
  • Sun, 06:56: Is that a symbolic cervix or am I just having inappropriate thoughts? (It would be lovely if the Beast were a lady.) #krullLT
  • Sun, 07:01: Poor disposable soldiers have stumbled upon the Beast's vagina dentata. Well, gentlemen, everyone has to die somehow. #krullLT
  • Sun, 07:10: "Diarrhea is like the fire of love raging inside you..." #krullLT
  • Sun, 07:12: This ending is too sad to watch. Damn you and your galaxy-conquering future spawn, hero people. X( #krullLT
  • Sun, 07:16: That castle was an irreplaceable wonder of the galaxy and you just HAD to level it. Typical. #krullLT

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